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Azimzadeh Trading is a handmade tableau rug producer in East Azerbaijan province of Iran. Our productions have supplied for 25 years the main Persian handmade carpet bazaars in Tabriz and Tehran that were traditionally main handmade rug suppliers of the traders worldwide. Our tableau rugs are of the highest quality as we use high-quality materials and employ skilled weavers specialized in tableau rug making that needs its own delicacy. Our weavers are distributed all over the province mainly Tabriz, Sardroud, Osku, Sahand and their surrounding smaller cities and villages. They make rugs at their homes based on contracts with Azimzadeh Trading.


Apart from our rich collection of handmade tableau rugs that you can enjoy exploring among them, we offer another possibility for clients to order their desired pattern to be weaved as tableau rug on any size or density.
Our customers can order their desired patterns to be made as Handmade Rug. Personal pictures, logos, favorite paintings and any other designs can be custom-made to meet clients’ tastes.
Our skilled designers design ordered patterns based on the specific size and density for every pattern that is prerequisite for any rug to be weaved. So if you want to bespeak a design, you should be patient as it is a time consuming matter. Approximately, one month for designing pattern and 40 days for each meter square of 50 raj density handmade rug. Higher densities need more time.